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Aircraft Charter Services

Patliputra Air Charter is a reliable air charter service provider in India providing aircraft charter services in Delhi and offer helicopter, private jet, and executive airliner charter flights as well as a vast range of small specialist aircraft as per the client’s need. We are providing excellent experience and quality to our clients with a challenge to delight each time. We possess the largest fleet of private charters in India and an efficient team of pilots. Customer satisfaction and punctuality are the two virtues that enable us to obtain a dignified position in the market. Due to prosperous industry proficiency, we at Patliputra Air Charter Pvt. Ltd are rendering aircraft charter services with excellence. The provided services are handled by experts who employ advanced technology to render these services as per customer’s demand.


A320 charter

A320 charter is known for its consistently flying at 473 mph, and cruise speed. Patliputra Air Charter Pvt. Ltd is one of the famed organization deals in A320 charter for sale in India. With most lavish and modern interiors, the A320 charter can accommodate 180 passengers, leaving each passenger undoubtedly satisfied. The offered charter is perhaps best known as the first airliner to present a fly-by-wire flight control system where control contribution from the pilot is transmitted to the flying surfaces by electronic signals rather than mechanical means. Our company offers A320 charter which is in the best conditions. Clients can contact us to get the best deal on this A320 charter.



ATR 72-500 charter

ATR 72-500 charter is a twin-engine aircraft produced by French-Italian manufacturer i.e. ATR (Aerei da Trasporto Regionale, in Italian, or Avions de transport regional in French). The flight is ideal for short-haul operations for anywhere up to 78 passengers. The aircraft is known for expanded wingspan, increased fuel capacity and powerful engines. The aircraft could meet the transport demands of smaller feeder routes while still turning a profit for the companies that operated it. The flight is a remarkably reliable aircraft, boasting a class-leading 99 percent dispatch rating. Many companies and corporations appreciated the cost-effective nature of this aircraft and getting inclined towards it and using it for short-range charter flights. Patliputra Air Charter Pvt. Ltd is one of the famed organization deals in ATR 72-500 charter for sale in India. Contact us to get the best deal on this ATR 72-500 charter.




Gyrocopter looks like a helicopter but it works in a totally different way. Though gyrocopter has spinning blades on top, they are not powered but pushed around by the forward movement of the aircraft. The aircraft gets its forward push through a propeller on the back like a plane. Gyrocopter can fly slowly but safely. Patliputra Air Charter Pvt. Ltd is an established company dealing with Gyrocopter for sales or lease in India. Our offered Gyrocopter is widely used for the following purposes in India: -


  • Police and Army and in counter-terrorism strategies
  • Support for civil protection
  • Forest, coastal and border surveillance.
  • Detection of fires
  • Support and link to the land and sea units
  • Tracking down of victims or fugitives
  • Agricultural spraying
  • Control of livestock farms
  • Air traffic control
  • Power lines inspection
  • Aerial photography and filming


Contact us to get the best deal on the provided Gyrocopter.




L410 Aircraft

The L 410 aircraft is a short-range airliner and transport aircraft is manufactured by LET Aircraft Industries. The aircraft is made up of high corrosion resistive materials. The robust structure of the aircraft was designed to ensure a high level of operational reliability. The unique design of L410 aircraft incorporating a durable airframe delivers superior performance in utmost climatic conditions ranging from -50 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius. Patliputra Air Charter Pvt. Ltd is a reputed company dealing with L410 aircraft for sales or lease in India. Clients can contact us to get the best deal on L410 aircraft for sales or lease.



Viking 400 Aircraft

Viking 400 aircraft is an aircraft that remains the backbone of maritime coastal patrols for many navies and serves the mining and oil industries worldwide. Now the aircraft is becoming more famous in India. The aircraft can lands on wheels, big tundra tires, amphibious floats, straight floats, and skis. The aircraft includes more powerful 750 shaft horsepower Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-34 engines, robust Honeywell Primus Apex glass-panel avionics, and modernized electrical system. The air-conditioning system and full de-icing system in the aircraft are options. Patliputra Air Charter Pvt. Ltd is a famed company dealing with Viking 400 aircraft for sales or lease in India. Clients can contact us to get the best deal on Viking 400 aircraft for sales or lease.




Gyrocopters, a combination of helicopter and a plane, powered by a rotax engine and need about 100 to 120 meters of runway for take-off, even less to land-about 20 to 30 meter with a top flight speed of 190kmph, and can travel 600km on a full tank of fuel (about 80 litres). Gyrocopters run on normal petrol rather than aviation fuel, with running costs comparable to high-end SUVs. Gyrocopter serving many purposes including defence, police patrol, tourism, aerial photography, geospatial mapping, agriculture spray and seats 2 or 3 and very specifically modified with advance life support equipment for air ambulance operations. Gyrocopters already in use worldwide, including USA, China, Nepal, Germany and Australia. Patliputra Air Charter exclusive dealer & distributers in India.


Helicopter Charter Services
The Helicopter Charter Services, as a means of transportation, offers unique advantages, as it combines safety, comfort and versatility. Passengers may be dropped off at specific points of destination (e.g. remote areas & rooftops). Taking all of the above into consideration, the helicopter has great advantages over all other means of transportation, especially in a countries which has lots of pilgrimage places or a rugged mountainous terrain.

Aeroplane Charter Services
Aeroplane Charter Services is the trusted choice for chartered flights with different types of fleet of piston props Cessna 172 to Piper Seneca V and turboprops aircraft from King Air C90A to ATR 72-500,

Private Jet Charter Services
Private Jet Charter Services is the trusted choice for chartered flights with different types of fleet from Cessna Citation CJ2+ to Global Express from 7 to 14 passengers, operates within the country and the worldwide to assist you with all of your travel needs.

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