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Gyrocopter looks like a helicopter but it works in a totally different way. Though gyrocopter has spinning blades on top, they are not powered but pushed around by the forward movement of the aircraft. The aircraft gets its forward push through a propeller on the back like a plane. Gyrocopter can fly slowly but safely. Patliputra Air Charter Pvt. Ltd is an established company dealing with Gyrocopter for sales or lease in India. Our offered Gyrocopter is widely used for the following purposes in India: -


  • Police and Army and in counter-terrorism strategies
  • Support for civil protection
  • Forest, coastal and border surveillance.
  • Detection of fires
  • Support and link to the land and sea units
  • Tracking down of victims or fugitives
  • Agricultural spraying
  • Control of livestock farms
  • Air traffic control
  • Power lines inspection
  • Aerial photography and filming


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